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What is an ACO?

An Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is a network of clinics that contract with an insurance company or employer to improve the quality of care provided to patients. Better quality of care improves health and prevents medical problems, which then lowers healthcare costs.

Many ACO contracts include risk and financial incentives which provides accountability for healthcare costs, meaning they pay bonuses for reducing costs but also require the ACO to pay back the payer if budgets are exceeded. OneHealth Nebraska ACO currently has two “at risk” contracts – one with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska and the other with Medicare. We have one “upside” only contract with Aetna. Most ACO contracts include an ongoing clinic coordination payment so that clinics can add staff, such as: care coordinators, diabetes educators, and social workers, to provide better care to patients.

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Benefits of an ACO

Improved Patient Outcomes

Coordinated care and proactive management leads to better health outcomes for patients, resulting in fewer complications and hospitalizations.

Provider Collaboration

ACOs promote collaboration among healthcare providers, fostering a team-based approach to patient care that leverages each provider’s expertise.

Enhanced Patient Experience

ACOs prioritize patient preferences and provide a smooth healthcare journey, leading to higher patient satisfaction.


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Cost Savings

By focusing on preventive care and avoiding unnecessary procedures, ACOs help reduce healthcare costs for both the patients and payers.

Population Health Management

ACOs adopt a more comprehensive perspective on healthcare, incorporating the well-being of the entire population which results in creating a positive influence on public health.

OneHealth Nebraska ACO

Since the inception of OneHealth Nebraska’s ACO in 2017, with only three Lincoln-based primary care clinics, we have grown to include 23 clinics in four communities – Lincoln, Grand Island, Auburn and Crete – and are now one of the largest ACO’s in the state. The OneHealth Team works alongside providers and clinic staff on common quality metrics, such as blood pressure control, diabetes control, cancer screenings and vaccinations, to improve the quality of care and lower attributed patients’ healthcare costs.


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