Supporting and Growing Independent Medicine

Who We Are


OneHealth Nebraska is an Independent Physicians Association dedicated to supporting and growing independent medicine in the Lincoln and Grand Island metropolitan areas. Our membership includes 65 independent and locally-owned medical clinics representing over 300 Primary and Specialty Care Physicians. A list of OneHealth Nebraska member Clinics and Physicians can be found under the DIRECTORY tab.

OneHealth is owned and governed by its members – Independent Physicians. Our members are committed to providing their patients the highest standards of quality at cost effective prices. OneHealth Nebraska avoids exclusive contracts and relationships that don’t allow members to send their patients to the best source of care. Our member Physicians send their patients to the same places they would send their own families, regardless of ownership or affiliations.


  • OneHealth Nebraska
  • 4600 Valley Road, Suite 400
  • Lincoln NE 68510



An independent physicians association dedicated to supporting and growing independent medicine in Lincoln, Crete, Auburn, Hastings and Grand Island.